Happy New Year to one and all!

Inevitably, at the start of January, most people’s attention switches to three little words…. Diet, exercise and goals!

My professional work is to provide an engaging and safe space where I can get creative with people and empower transformation in their behaviour, thinking, self-awareness and self-belief to remove the barriers to their success. One conversation at a time, I remain curious and supportive, whilst positively challenging my clients to see what they have learnt not to see. I facilitate a mental or culture shift.

All of this can only be done through one means: energy.

Energy is present in everything in life. We depend on it, we are vibrated by it, when positive the benefits are endless. If negative, we can be drained of all resources available to us.

So, I’d like to reframe the three words that define the start of the New Year for many, in terms of energy.

  1. Diet. This, to me, means what we physically consume, which provides nutrition and energy to our bodies. Our physical bodies are constantly sending messages to our brain and mind, so a body that is well nourished functions better, and will send more positive coping messages to our minds. However, we also consume information all the time. This is through media, data, facts, news, information, stories, self-talk which impacts our thoughts and then our feelings. Our energy is greatly impacted depending on the quality of what we expose ourselves to here. Try to choose wisely! Try to indulge in stimulating, engaging, challenging, creative and positive content which will positively change the shape of our minds through neuroplasticity. This will allow us to put out better energy into the world. When difficult news or information comes to our door, we will have re-shaped our thinking mechanism and will have increased our coping skills by engaging the part of our brain which processes information and makes more informed, and not reactive, choices.
  2. Exercise. I’d like to use the word Movement. Physical exercise is all about increasing circulation, blood flow, improving heart rate, breathing, weight control, disease prevention, physical transformation and a shift in endurance energy and also mental energy. Mind movement is all about allowing ourselves to not stay where we are. Through a different lens, the world can be a hugely different place. When we physically move, are we conscious of what we are doing and the result we want to achieve? Are we moving for physical results, or mindful results (energy shifts through flow, yoga, chi gong, walks in nature)? Are we doing it for fun and to release creative juices (dance, play)? Are we changing our perspectives, and becoming more empathetic to other people’s point of view? Have we Mindsight (a term created by Daniel Siegel, which means having focused attention on what is happening in our minds). By shifting towards kindness and integration, we become less rigid in life, more flexible and creative as we are engaged with more areas of our brain, and we can positively contribute to our own energy and thus to societal wellbeing.
  3. Goals: well, how does energy underpin my goals you might ask? Simply put, we humans are like sponges when it comes to energy. We create our own energy through points 1 and 2 above, however we cannot function at our highest potential without other human interaction. Our nervous system depends on positive human energy and collaboration to find a stable state, the state which we need to be in to thrive. Without this, without human connection, our nervous systems default to mammalian reactive states, or to fear or danger states. We are regulated with positive interaction with other people: our tribe, those who we choose to positively support us, to wish us well, to challenge us with positive intention. When in a low energy state, it is really difficult to achieve any goals, as our vibrations are low and in a low state we see limited options and revert to critical/habitual behaviour. Switching this energy to a higher state through human collaboration and positive energy exchange, lets creativity, innovation, engagement and accountability to flow.


The blanket to wrap these three New Year babies in is always Self-Awareness. Through kind, focused reflection and self-examination, we can easily check in with ourselves, acknowledge where we are at each day, and change our state accordingly. This allows us to make more positive conscious choices.

Crack this, and 2021 will be your year to shine!

If you would like any help to start your year, reach out. I’m happy to have the conversation!