Business Services

I will collaborate to help you transform how you do business, and how to open your mind to a different leadership approach.

My Business Background

With over 20 years’ experience, in the technology, service and hospitality industries, I have collaborated with or ran projects on many levels within Blue Chip and Fortune 500 Companies such as: Emirate Airlines, Aviva Insurances, BNP, Credit Suisse, Unilever, Nestle, University of Chicago, London Business School, Thompson Learning and as a self employed entrepreneur as an owner operator. I understand the importance of listening, understanding, collaborating, negotiating, serving and delivering to get the balance right in this global work environment.

Using this experience, and engaging a Whole System Coaching Approach combined with Emotional Intelligence Techniques , I will collaborate to help you transform how you do business, and how to open your mind to a different leadership approach.

Business Services

Leadership Coaching

I will help you gain self-awareness, clarify your goals, achieve your development objectives allowing your full potential to emerge, and ask the questions that will challenge your thinking.

Emotional Intelligence Testing, Training and Masterclasses

The key ingredient of great leaders! I will teach you on, test you on and speak about the five components, and 15 sub components that, when put together, create flexible, strong, optimistic individuals, who are very self-aware and can competently build and maintain strong relationships to achieve results. Proven to be a strong contributor to improved sales and employee engagement.

Team Engagement

Proven to improve your bottom line, your CSAT ratings, morale thus productivity and creativity. I will help you strengthen your, or your manager’s relationships with your team, so you can deliver results!


Business Process Improvement (LEAN methodology) Coaching and Mentoring

I will collaborate with you, or mentor you, on looking at how you do things now, identifying weaknesses or cost leaks in the process, and finding a better way to save you time, money or simply end up with a better result.

In March 2020, I went to the Arctic as part of a  volunteer group for charity. The banner photo on this page represents the most beautiful walk I have ever been on. It was on an 7km stretch of frozen lake, into the northern sun, coming home on the last day after camping out overnight in -20 degrees celcius, everyone in tact and in fantastic spirits following a successful task.

In the Arctic, you cannot survive alone, you need a team to get you through the harsh conditions and to perform essential tasks such as breaking a safe pathway through the ice and snow, digging for water to cook and drink and gathering wood for a fire. We had a great leader, we had a strong group of team members willing to listen, learn and follow essential instructions, we had compassion, empathy and support for each other, as even in the most beautiful place on earth, you can be feeling overwhelmed. And because of all this, we had success for the entire trip!

(Image by Ronan Mullen of " Events, Store, Explore" )


"When you believe You Can’t, Let me show you that You Can!"

What Some Of My Clients Say

"I worked with Cathy while working for the UL Hospitals Group as the COO. Cathy was appointed as the site Manager for their contract at University Hospital Limerick. Her remit was to work satisfy a very busy client, ie: the hospital, to provide 24/7, scheduled and on call service, across all disciplines, and achieve ambitious cost and process efficiencies in the operation whilst doing so.
Cathy took on the challenge in a most professional and organised manner. I found her very easy to deal with and most professional, forward thinking and strategic. Cathy had to deal with a large staff number in a highly pressurised environment and she immediately set about creating a template for consistency of standards. This was achieved through the allocation of duties, on-going training and a systematic approach to monitoring the day to day operations and taking decisive actions based on the results. One of Cathy's main personal strengths was her ability to deal positively with feedback and to utilise it in a manner which respected all those concerned and led to continuous operational improvement. Therefore, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Cathy to any prospective employer or client company."

Director Of Operations Ireland & UK at Elevare

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