Ever heard of the term Systems Integration? It’s the interconnection of I.T. sub-systems or ensuring that multiple layers function together as a unit.  Successful systems integration ensures increased quality, productivity and information flow, and it reduces costs. All of these benefit the overall health of the organisation. It’s so important in-fact, that during 2013 to 2017 it is estimated that 394 billion USD was spent globally on systems integration. And in the years to 2025, it is estimated this will grow to 582 billion USD! That’s 582,000,000,000 USD.

Not one part of an integrated system works effectively on its own…..And we humans are no different. We are each a system within a global system. We interact with, and contribute to, that global system daily. We add influence and are ourselves influenced. The way we act within this system depends on external factors, and internal factors.

My focus today are those internal factors, or more explicitly, how we feel inside:

Our head, which is our thinking and logical brain.

Our heart, which is our feeling and emotional brain

Our gut, which is our instinct and mood management brain

Do we invest in the care of ourselves, so that we give ourselves the space to listen to our internal signals, and manage our energy? Our thoughts, behaviours, decisions, choices and reactions only belong to us, but where does the information that makes us arrive at them come from?  Do we ensure we are letting our inner system feed us the right information, to create the right output, and do we know how to listen to that message? Or are we letting ourselves be driven from external forces?

We can live in our heads.  We can often get stuck in a loop of repetitive behaviour. We have so much conditioning in us, we can repeat the same actions daily! Early morning, as we get out of bed, we talk to ourselves in the same way, and when challenges present themselves, we may or may not react to them appropriately.

We can make decisions from our heart. These may put us in awkward positions, or be driven out of a sense of duty or loyalty, but may not produce the outcomes we really want. We can also make emotional decisions that we know are not the right thing to do, but we “feel” like it is what is expected of us. You know that feeling?

Only the lucky ones get to truly follow their gut instinct, or know how to use it effectively, but most of us often retreat to the old reliable head or heart to guide us. We want to please, we want to fit in society, we want to pay the bills and function as we are “expected” to. But wellness, happiness, sense of purpose, achieving your vision, being a great leader, neighbour, giver, communicator, all this needs so much more inner management and focus.

It’s time to be the author of your own story. The decisions and choices you make should make you happy in life! In this blog I am inviting you to listen.

Really listen!

Take your index finger, and without thinking, quickly point to yourself. Chances are you didn’t point to your head, right? You pointed to somewhere in the middle, towards the heart or gut. That kind of reflex is so indicative to me. You see, an informed decision comes from our whole internal system.  Decision making, choices, our reactions and responses and nobody else’s only ours. We are the only ones that know how something sits with us. My experience is that we need to start listening to the entire message our body is supplying us with, prior to making choices or decisions, rather than having that feeling, making a head or heart choice, and then regretting it because of the repercussions to yourself or to others. Poor decisions have impacts on our internal systems, and the effect of these will ripple out. Poor decisions in our personal lives, in business, in leadership can be avoided!

We need to break years and years of norms and traditions that were built up around us, and open ourselves up to listening to what our whole body is actually telling us to do. Our bodies will always tell us to do what is right for us, which is the thing that will give us a sense of delight, purpose, achievement, contribution, and wellness if we listen. Listening involves knowing what is right for you, and the impact you want to have on others, so that you can contribute more effectively to your environment (work or social), and to society as a whole,  as a happy and informed individual. This involves knowing your values, goals and boundaries. Nobody can take away from you that which your head, heart and gut tell you is right for you!

Choose to listen to your inner whole system today. Be the writer of your own story first, and decide on the positive impact you want to have on your world! If you require guidance in getting to know your inner truth, I’d be happy to connect and help!

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