Life Coaching

Coaching helps by transforming lives, attitudes, behaviours, mind-sets and building better futures.

Why Does Life Coaching Matter?

Coaching helps by transforming lives, attitudes, behaviours, mind-sets and building better futures. In a survey conducted by the International Coaching Federation, 80% of people who received coaching reported feeling more self-confident, they were better able to set goals and achieve them. Over 70% reported an increase in their performance at work, the process contributed to them having better relationships and coaching also enhanced their communication skills.
Each experience is as unique as the individual who opens themselves up to the process, and lets the Coach in.

In my Personal coaching work, I specialise in 4 areas:


How do you see yourself? What do you say to yourself? Do you convince yourself you don’t have what it takes? Let me help you reframe your thinking and shift your energy to a brighter place.


Achieving Success

Success means different things to everyone so how you define it will be individual to you. My coaching will show you how to tap into to your Whole System, and your three brains: head, heart and gut, to really understand what you truly desire, and set the path to getting it.

Personal Development

Do you feel stuck in a rut, and simply cannot figure out how to change it? The capability is within you. Allow me to help you change your habits, see your blind spot, face your fears, build resilience and set the goals needed to progress.


Emotional Intelligence

Having high emotional intelligence will affect the quality of your life. It influences your behaviour and your relationships, reduces stress and helps you deal with challenges effectively. Let me help you develop this skill, which can be learnt and practiced daily.

"External results come from within, let me ask you the questions to discover your truth!"

What Some Of My Clients Say

"I feel great, this coaching relationship has really helped me to grow as a person & develop my coping skills in difficult situations & to hold myself accountable for my actions. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Before beginning the coaching sessions I felt stuck & felt I was living without any control over my life. It has also helped me realize my values & core beliefs & set goals & enabled me with the tools to take action & work towards these goals. I really enjoyed every coaching sessions & I could see the progress I was making in each session & that kept me motivated to keep returning for more. I feel happier, stronger, more in control of my life & more positive."

Personal One to One Life Skills coaching client 

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